PRIA - Indonesian LGBT Short Film (Full Official)


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Pria [Short Film]
Indonesian Bahasa with English Subtitles

If you have known a man there in Indonesia this movie will ring true!!
My Friend was 29yo. His Family wanted him to marry. His Father gave him a piece of land and built a house for him.
He married a woman there and now has a 1 year old Daughter. Life is like that...

In a time of great expectation and pressure stemming from the traditions of his upbringing, Aris, a gay Muslim teenager living in rural Indonesia-finds himself increasingly drawn to his well-traveled English teacher despite his upcoming marital preparations to a woman he harbors no romantic feelings for. With his whole life planned out for him by his overprotective mother, Aris struggles with the conflicting notions of tradition, duty and his own personal idea of happiness.
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